Sunday, January 28, 2007

Home-grown Fashion

Designer clothes are not just to be found on the catwalk. They can be seen as people design their own clothes in a home-grown style.

While looking for a photo of yalda celebrations this year, I ran into this interesting photo from the scene of The Fourth International Painting Biennial of The Islamic World in Tehran, Iran.

Click on it and you'll see a larger image at Flickr.

I believe the biennial started in the last week of November, and it looks like it ended today,
December, 21, 2006.

Here are some other pictures I found.

It would be good to see more photographs of this
exhibition. (As another example, check out this work.) There does not seem to be a website for the biennial or one that actually displays all the paintings.

I believe my friend, and ex-Berkeley-ite, Bobak Etminani,
also has several paintings on display in the biennial.

Fashion in Box-Office Hit in Iran

Cease Fire

The Persian (Iranian) box office hit of last year was Tahmineh Milani's Cease Fire.

In the movie, we also see a full display of modern fashion in Iran for women as well as men.